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Vibration Isolators


  • Spring Mounts

    Spring mounts with very low natural frequency value are primarily used for vibration absorption in a wide range of building and industrial applications that low excitation frequency vibration control is required. A single coil spring or multiple springs combined with rubber elements, at the base, is applied to increase the vibration isolation efficiency also in high frequencies that could be transmitted through the metal springs.

    Antivibration spring mounts are primarily used for low frequency vibration damping (slow speed rotation 400 RPM upwards). That could include applications like Air Handling units, cooling towers, chillers, reciprocating engines, air compressors, etc.)

  • Rubber Mounts

    Antivibration rubber mounts are used mainly in vibration isolation of mechanical equipment and HVAC applications.

    Antivibration rubber mounts are economical and easy to install, offering protection from vibrations and reduce structure-borne noise transmission. The advantages of these products are the increased vibration isolation whilst also achieving to fix the machine on to the base/ground which results in greater reflection.

  • Anti-vibration Hangers

    Anti-vibration hangers are primarily used for vibration isolation in:

    • Suspended gypsum board ceilings in studios, auditoriums, cinemas etc. Specifically used in “room in room” constructions when floating anti vibration ceiling with rubber hanger is required.
    • Antivibration machine hanging in industrial applications.
    • Vibration suspension of HVAC (pipeworks, airducts, air-conditioning units exhaust systems etc).
    • Spring Hangers

      Constructed with metal springs.

    • Rubber Hangers

      Primarily made from polymer material.

    • Regufoam Hangers

      BSW Regufoam is a mixed cell polyurethane elastomeric which present has very low natural frequency in the corresponding load ranges.

  • Building Isolators

    Building vibration isolation projects often include music, broadcast and rehearsal studio. Additionally vibration control in residential and commercial spaces, cinemas, restaurants and inductrial structures. The VIBRO vibration control product range includes products for vibration isolation in floating floors, floating ceilings and floating walls.

  • Anti-vibration Sheets

    Regufoam® is a mixed cell polyurethane elastomer produced in six different hardness grades or densities with combined spring and dampening properties. The different material densities are colour coded. Regufoam® has very low natural frequency in the corresponding load ranges, resulting in an optimum vibration isolation material.

    Regupol is a vibration control product consists of a combination of rubber granules or fibres with polyurethane binders. Regupol® products advantages include that they are highly adaptable, longevity, they can bear high-level loads and are 100% recycled and can be recycled again. It is ideal for impact sound insulation in residential and commercial floors. It offers outstanding impact sound deadening in a wide range of applications.

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