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Fieldpaq II Portable Analyzer by Benstone


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Fieldpaq II Portable Analyzer

  • 4 Channels with IEPE Power
  • 5 Inch Color Screen
  • Vibration Meter and Balancing Options
  • Route Collection Software Available
  • Rugged IP65 Rating
  • Download and Reporting Software Included
  • Easy to Learn User Interface

Fieldpaq II is a portable 4 channel real-time analyzer that is built for advanced noise and vibration measurements in the field. For measurements in harsh environments, Fieldpaq II is manufactured with a ruggedized housing by a dual injection molding process and protective sealing to provide an IP 65 rating.

Fieldpaq II is equipped with a large 5-inch color (800 x 480 high resolution) touch screen. The combination of Microsoft's powerful WinCE operating system and touch screen operation provides a user friendly and intuitive interface.

Fieldpaq II acquires measurement signal with precision 24 bit sigma delta AD converters to provide a high dynamic range, up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth. Fieldpaq II is powered by a 800 MHz CPU for running the Windows CE system and the fastest commercially available DSP chip TI TMS320C6713B for performing signal analysis at extremely fast real-time rates.